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Want to RENT A Home in Saw Creek ?

Saw Creek in the Poconos offers two different types of rentals:

Vacation rentals, also known as short term rentals, and yearly rentals for longer than six months.

Vacation Rentals are rentals in the Poconos and Saw Creek Estates, generally 2-30 nights. , Search for available rentals in Saw Creek for a range of 2-30 nights. Trust in the convenience of immediate confirmation upon reservation. However, it’s important to note that these rental homes are limited to only a small portion of the community – the area that lies within Middle Smithfield township. Unfortunately, the rest of the community that falls within Lehman township does not allow for the reservation of STR homes.

For those interested in Saw Creek Estates yearly rentals for six months or more, it’s recommended to contact an agent at USA Realty. They’ll guide you through the rental process, which typically includes a credit check, work verification, and references. It’s important to note that there may be a fee associated with the credit check, and in most cases, at least a one-month security deposit is required (sometimes two months).

In addition to offering various rental options in Saw Creek, Poconos Real Estate provides an abundance of useful resources for buying or selling in the area. Check out our website for information on the best places to live in the Poconos, advice on purchasing a Poconos home, short listings of short term rental homes for sale, a list of Poconos communities with available homes, and advice for vacation home buyers – all with the goal of making your experience as smooth as can be.